Cypresoft offers a complete solution for your business: software, customizing, consultancy, support and training.



Cypresoft can offer you cutting edge translation software.  

The powerful TRANS Suite 2000 is created for translators, by translators.  Almost every day, translators give us the feedback we need to make TRANS Suite 2000 exactly what you expect of a translation tool.  


Trans Suite 2000 is available in Stand Alone and Network version


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 CYPRESOFT Customizing

We can customize the software to your needs.  Do you want to have TRANS Suite 2000 integrated into your Project Management System, your accountancy software, ...?  We can do it.


Customizing software is a direct profit.  If all your software products are integrated into one global system, you will save a lot of time and money.


TRANS Suite 2000 is also capable of calculating real-time word counts.  This enables you to find out how far your projects are evolving.  You can calculate when your translators will become available for new projects, and much more... 


CYPRESOFT Consulting

Our Consulting Program is focused on all the Cypresoft products and technology.  We can deliver you the expertise to make your company the translation solution.



We offer FREE updates to all the Cypresoft software packages.  We do care about what functionalities you would like to have in the new updates.  TRANS Suite 2000 is a product that was developed for you, so you will have the major influence on how TRANS Suite 2000 will evolve.


'After sale' support is completely FREE.  You can contact us by e-mail, phone or postal services.  You can contact us for all your questions, suggestions, tips and tricks, ...


Our Support services are known as very vast and efficient services.



Cypresoft offers intensive training courses.  These training sessions are organized on the 'Flanders Language Valley' campus.  This is a campus where all major companies, who are working on Speech, Artificial Intelligence or Language Software, are located.


More Information?

For more information about the Cypresoft Services please contact:


Cypresoft - International Translation Software

Industrielaan 31

8900 Ypres



Tel: +32 (57) 213 824


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