Press release 28/03/2000

FL2 (Fuzzy Logic Generation 2), is the most advanced technology to find similar sentences in Translation Memories.  This technology was developed by the 'Cypresoft Research & Development'-team and is up to 5000% faster than the existing 1st generation engines!


We expect that the FL2-engine will push TRANS Suite 2000 to the top of the 'Translation Software' business.  Because of this, the 'Millennium Special'- promotion will be extended.


Trans Suite 2000 is a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool which enables translators to deliver quality translations faster, more reliable and more consistent than ever before.


Trans Suite 2000 now supports TMX and OpenTag.


It's not only one translation tool, but a whole suite of tools that manage every aspect of translation business.


Cutting-edge technology has improved all aspects of translation. Why would you translate the same sentences over and over again? Searching in large, heavy dictionaries cost valuable translation time and money.


Trans Suite 2000 makes sure that you never have to translate the same sentence twice. While you are working, the system learns the language. The more you translate, the less you have to translate.

With this FREE tool you can create Translation Memories from your existing translations. 


It displays the existing source and translated documents side-by-side and allows you to validate that the text displayed in the target window is the translation of the text displayed in the source window.


This tool will speed up the creation of Dictionaries. DSU searches the text you want to translate for new terms. In the work-environment all these terms are sorted by its frequency.


You see, depending on the context, how a term should be translated. For every term you can add the TS2000 Multi-Media objects, source and target information, etc...

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Latest News:

- 04 May 2000

Update 1.41 available.

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- 30 February 2000

Cypresoft has decided to give their Align tool for free.  

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- 30 January 2000

Free trial download available 

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