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Managers, Location

   Who is Cypresoft, contact information, map, ...


The Cypresoft Products

   List of the Cypresoft Products


TRANS Suite 2000 Editor Functionalities

   Some functionalities of TRANS Suite 2000

TRANS Suite 2000 Align Functionalities

   Some functionalities of TRANS Suite 2000 Align

TRANS Suite 2000 DSU Functionalities

   Some functionalities of TRANS Suite 2000 Align

Import/Export Functionalities

   Import/Export your Translation Memories and Dictionaries from almost any format.

Document Filters

   One Interface for all your documents (Word, RTF, PowerPoint, ...)

The 160 Dictionaries

   Start immediately with the 160 dictionaries delivered with TRANS Suite 2000.

The 12 Spell Checkers

   TRANS Suite 2000 has Spell Checkers for 12 languages.

The TRANS Suite 2000 Work Flow

   Find out how TRANS Suite 2000 works.


   Our products are designed to have an easy-to-use interface.


TRANS Suite 2000 screenshot

TRANS Suite 2000 Align screenshot

TRANS Suite 2000 DSU screenshot

Terminology Management screenshot

Translation Memory Management screenshot


The Cypresoft Services

Cypresoft offers a complete solution for your business: software, customizing, consultancy, support and training.


Up-to-date price list

   Product Prices, Discounts, ...


Product Downloads

   Trial versions, free software, ...


TRANS Suite 2000 Trial

    Download an evaluation version of TRANS Suite 2000

TRANS Suite 2000 Align

    Download TRANS Suite 2000 Align for FREE

Extra Dictionaries for the Trial Download

    Download extra dictionaries for the TRANS Suite 2000 evaluation download


    Download the latest versions of our products

Printable Manuals

    Download the printable manuals for TRANS Suite 2000, TRANS Suite 2000 Align and TRANS 

    Suite 2000 DSU

 Info Center

Frequently Asked Questions

    Find the answers to your questions...


Info Request Form

    Ask us questions, give suggestions, ... 


Subscribe to newsletter

    Keep up-to-date with the latest technologies (CAT-tools, Speech, Machine Translation), 

    updates, and lot's more


Reading a Word Count

    More information about understanding word counts.  This is most helpful when you need to

    calculate translation time and invoices.


Organizing your translations

    More information about how to organize your translations.  Don't loose time to find a 

    previously translated document again.  


Technical Information

    Find out more about our products, technologies, file formats, ...


TRANS Suite 2000 and Speech Recognition


TRANS Suite 2000 and Machine Translation


The TRANS Suite 2000 Work Flow


Dictionary - File Format


Translation Memory - File Format


User Defined Filter - File Format




The Cypresoft Distributors

    Find out where you can buy our products.  We also offer the unique opportunity to become a 

    Cypresoft distributor.


Order Cypresoft Products

    Order our products online.


Some nice translation links

    Microsoft Glossaries, Apple Glossaries, Novell Glossaries, Online Dictionaries, ...


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Latest News:

- 04 May 2000

Update 1.41 available.

         [ download here ]

- 30 February 2000

Cypresoft has decided to give their Align tool for free.  

         [ download here ]

- 30 January 2000

Free trial download available 

         [ download here ]


Some direct links:

- 19 Document Filters

- Import/Export support

- 160 Dictionaries

- 12 Spell-Checkers


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