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The powerful TRANS Suite 2000 is created for translators, by translators.  Almost every day, translators give us the feedback we need to make TRANS Suite 2000 exactly what you expect of a translation tool.  


Trans Suite 2000 is available in Stand Alone and Network version


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TRANS Suite 2000 includes:


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TRANS Suite 2000 Editor

One easy to use interface for all your documents. Everything you need is on one screen: source, target, dictionaries and fuzzy matching. 

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TRANS Suite 2000 Align

The FREE dynamic aligning tool. You can build Translation Memories from previous translated documents, no matter in which file format they are.

TRANS Suite 2000 Align is also available as a stand-alone application.

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TRANS Suite 2000 DSU (Dictionary Setup Utility)

The ultimate Dictionary creator.  Dictionaries can be created before you translate a text.  The terms are sorted by frequency, and for every new term, DSU will give you the context, so you know exactly what to translate. 

TRANS Suite 2000 DSU is also available as a stand-alone application.

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TRANS Suite 2000 Master Dictionary Editor

The professional terminology management system. You can add multiple target terms, attributes (gender, creator, subject, client, ...), pictures, sound, video, etc.

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TRANS Suite 2000 Master Translation Memory Editor

The powerful Memory editor that gives you full control on every sentence you ever translated. You can do global replaces, edit a translation unit, change attributes, etc.

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TRANS Suite 2000 Management System (TSMS)

The revolutionary tool that allows you to get statistical information from your Dictionaries and Translation Memories. (Creators, creation and change dates, etc…). TSMS also manages all databases and projects, recovers from computer system failures, gives tips about backups, compacts your databases for faster access, keeps track of modified segments for easy reviewing, etc…


Project and progress information can be requested to TSMS at all time.  (word and matching counts)


     Product Requirements


    Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000

    Pentium (II or higher recommended)

    32 Mb RAM (64 or higher recommended)



    We also have a TRANS Suite 2000 Educational version:

    This is a limited version for educational purposes.  You need to be a student or an educational institute.



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TRANS Suite 2000





    Import/Export support

    19 Document Filters

    160 dictionaries

    12 Spell-Checkers

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