Filters for Document Conversion

 RTF Documents

Filter for Rich Text Format Documents


 Microsoft Word Documents

The filter requires Microsoft Word 97/2000


 Microsoft PowerPoint Documents

The filter requires Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000


 Microsoft Access Databases


Filter to translate Web pages




More information about OpenTag can be found at


 Windows Resource

Windows Resource is the document type that is used by some programming languages like C and C++.  This filter allows you to do Software localization.


There are 2 filters for Windows Resource files.  The first one extracts only the text from the documents, the second one builds a 'tagged' format and enables the translator to see the context.



This filter extracts 'flat' text documents (no formatting) from files that are in a ANSI code page.


 Help RTF

This filter extracts the text from a Windows Help RTF document


 Help CNT

 Filter for help context files


 Trados RTF

Trados RTF is a tagged-‘Rich Text Format’ that is created by tools like the ITP Filter Pack (contains filters for PageMaker, Ventura, QuarkXPress, ...)


 Microsoft Word 2000 HTML
 Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 HTML
 Microsoft Access 2000 HTML
 Microsoft Excel 2000 HTML
 WordPerfect 6/7/8
 WordPerfect 2000
 User Defined Filter

The 'User Defined Filter' is a filter that is developed to allow users to make their own filters.

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